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Work Lights

Make sure you have adequate lighting when working in the garage, workshop, and construction. Most work lights are portable.  Usually work lights are available in many different cord lengths to allow for the ease of moving them where needed.  Moving without having to unplug and plug back in each time the light needs to be moved saves time and energy. Work lights are available in many different bulb types depending on what type of light preferred: fluorescent, incandescent, halogen, flood, or LED, etc.  They can also use different wattage as well. Most work lights are made of heavy duty construction and have a metal guard around the bulb area to protect the bulb from being broken in a work environment. Work lights are available in a few different colors, however the most common are yellow and orange for better visibility.  Work lights are used in manufacturing plants and other industrial applications as well.
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White 6 ft. Flood and Clamp Lamp - Each
Our Price: $10.08 / Each   
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Polar Solar Yellow Trouble Light - 25 ft
Polar Solar Yellow Trouble Light - 25 ft
Our Price: $34.98 / Each   
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Polar and Solar Incandescent Yellow 50 ft. Trouble Light - Each
Our Price: $62.04 / Each   
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Work Lights commonly have a small light with a hanger hook on the top.  Some work lights have a clamp instead, allowing the light to be clamped onto something near the area it will be used or is needed.  Other work lights have stands that are collapsible for ease of movement.  Many stand work lights are also adjustable and the light can be raised or lowered, or the angle of the light may be adjusted as well. With stand up work lights, there is also the option of having 1 or 2 lights.  In this case, each light has its own operating switch, so one can be used or both can be used.  Don't forget the handheld work lights either!  These handheld work lights provide ample light and even though they are hand held, most usually have a tripod included so it can still be set down and pointed in the direction needed.  Work lights are handy tools that make working in a darker garage or other dark area easier on you and on your eyes.  One of the biggest advantages of work lights are their portability.