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Torch and Weed Burners

Weed Burners use flames to torch weeds in gardens, driveways, concrete and rock gardens, and along fence lines. Torch Burners make pulling weeds a thing of the past. Why pull weeds when you can burn them.  The Torch and Weed Burners torch heavy weeds and bushes, and old stumps of trees. Our vapor torches are equipped with adequate power to incinerate irrigation ditches, scorch away fallow and dry fields, dry ponds, parched areas, and culverts. In winter, vapor torches are used to melt ice on pathways and stairways, snow on sidewalks, driveways and other surfaces. Vapor torches also help thaw frozen water pipelines and heat metal castings. At national parks, sanctuaries, and zoos; vapor torches come handy to sterilize cages of birds and animals. Torch and weed burners have many uses indeed.
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Heavy Duty Hotspotter Propane Torch - 31 in.
Our Price: $72.37 / Each   
487 in stock!
BlazeBurner Propane Torch
Our Price: $74.09 / Each   
246 in stock!
Professional Hotspotter Propane Torch - 31 in.
Our Price: $78.00 / Each   
110 in stock!
Blazeburner Propane Torch Kit with Ignitor
Our Price: $77.09 / Each   
51 in stock!
Pro-Flame Torches 27 in. - Each
Our Price: $146.68 /Each   
14 in stock!
Our industrial torches are top of the line quality. Propane torches are useful to set backfires by the forest service department out west.  They're handy in minor construction works at farms and ranches like peeling paint. Weed Burners help in organic farming by helping to wilt unwanted weeds in the garden. The flame can be adjusted depending upon its use. Some people up north use these torches for ice melting and snow melting in the winter as an alternative to shoveling. Northeners have also been known to use them to thaw frozen pipes as well.