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Protective Sleeves and Bibs

Protective kevlar sleeves are used to protect a workers arms from burns and cuts on the job.  Protective sleeves are usually combined with a similar protective glove that work together to protect the entire limbs.  A protective sleeve may have elastic cuffs or a thumb hole to prevent the sleeve from slipping while working.  Protective sleeves offer cut resistance, chemical resistance, and burn protection for welders and plant workers .  Cut resistant sleeves are commonly used in manufacturing, the automotive industry, electrical work, light heat applications, glass operations, metal stamping, sheet metal, food processing, or meat packing. Anytime a worker is exposed to hazardous chemicals, a chemical resistant protective sleeve is needed to enforce the protection of the arms. Fire retardant protective sleeves are perfect for welders or other workers who are routinely exposed to high heat conditions.  When exposed to sparks or flame, fire retardant protective sleeves will not ignite.  They are lightweight so that they do not increase the body temperature of the worker.
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Yellow Economy Cut Resistant Sleeves - 18 in.
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Cut Resistant Economy Sleeves Yellow 18 in. - Each
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Tyvek White 18 in. Elastic Sleeves - Case
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Leather Left Arm pad
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Yellow Heat and Cut Resistant Sleeves - 18 in.
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Protective safety bibs are worn when an aprons do not provide sufficient enough protection and are normally paired with cape sleeves.  The protective bib attaches easily to the cape sleeves with a heavy duty snap system.  Some protective bibs and cape sleeves are sewn with Kevlar thread which improves the durability of the seams and and stress points, decreasing wear and tear and increasing the life of the product. The cape sleeves and bib together provide protection for the front of the body, chest, shoulders, and arms.   Protective Bib and Cape Sleeves together offer excellent comfort, heat, flame, and abrasion resistance.  Cape Sleeves can also be worn alone arm, shoulder and upper chest protection.  The protective safety bib and cape sleeves are worn together in welding applications or other high heat, spark, and flame exposure applications.