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Safety Storage

Whether storing valuables or storing flammable liquids, chemicals or other fluids, there is a proper way to store them and ensure safety of the product, the building in which they will be stored, and the occupants of the building.  Safety of firearms is extremely important to ensure that they do not fall into the wrong hands or cause accidents. Misuse of firearms can also be avoided when the firearm is properly locked up and put away for safe keeping. Valuable documents or other valuables such as jewelry, laptops, camera equipment or guns can be locked up in a safety storage case or safety storage locker.  These safety storage cases and safety storage lockers may have combination locks or key locks and are available in many sizes to choose from.  In the case of firearms and for added protection, two cases may be used.  One containing the actual firearm, one containing the ammunition separately.
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For storage of flammables, flame resistant safety cans come in many different sizes.  For extra protection, you just store your storage safety cans inside a storage safety cabinet. Safety storage cabinets provide even more protection from fire and heat and can also be locked.
Safety storage containers can be used for different types of oils or coolant to cut out equipment down time.  These may also be used for storage of pesticides, weed killers and such. Replacement parts such as hoses and lids for safety storage containers and replacement shelves for safety storage cabinets are available in case of damage or regular wear and tear to the safety storage cabinets or safety storage containers. Also replacement safety can spouts or safety can carriers are available. Waste cans that are chemical resistant or flame retardant are also available in many sizes.  Accessories such as funnels are also available to make your job easier.  Remember if you are handling chemicals to wear protective gloves and clothing to avoid burns or irritation of the skin.