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Industrial Protective Shirts

Ironclad iVIZ Class 2 Long Sleeve Reflective Shirts keep your workers safe with high visibility safety features for low visibilty environments.  They also provide a comfortable fit, breathability, flexibility and anti-microbial moisture wicking fibers. These are the top selling road work shirts in America. We also stock Core Performance Work Wear shirts to keep everyone warm in the winter work months. These core shirts are great for warehouse workers, landscaping workers, freight and baggage employees, or building construction. They are treated with 50 Plus UPF for protection from harmful rays and odor resistant. The moisture wicking fibers keep employees dry as well.  1st Layer shirts wick sweat away six times faster than cotton.  They have compression built in to reduce worker fatigue and come with ultraviolet protection for outdoor workers. Fully machine washable.
Buy wholesale Long Sleeve Cold Condition Shirts for winter cold weather work. These shirts are form fitting to allow a more extended range of motion and reduce muscle fatigue.  All of the shirts we carry are made with moisture wicking fabrics for warmth and sweat reduction to optimize comfort in any season or temperature.  All commercial shirts are machine washable.  Buy from the industry supply store for best prices and best quality.