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It is important to have an arsenal of marking tools for your commercial business, especially for sewing. The printed symbols and markings on patterns must be transferred to the fabric to accurately match seams and position pockets, folds, buttonholes, darts, tucks and pleats. Itís imperative to always pre-test marking tools. All of the Nissen Ball Point markers feature durable aluminum tubes with non-clogging, tough case-hardened steel points and precision 440 Stainless Steel balls. These handy markers will write in any position: horizontal; vertical; even overhead. Marks from white soap donít brush away but will wash out when the fabric is sponged or laundered.  The Nissen Silver Welder's Pencil was designed for fine line layout work on all metals.  The marks will illuminate when cutting or welding. The marks don't burn off or rub off. The durable marks will not melt for the touch, or fade. The pencils are strong and will not break. It can be sharpened with an ordinary pencil sharpener.
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Medium Flat Core Carpenter Pencil - 7 in.
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Brass 33 Piece Single Letter Set
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Buy wholesale marking tools from the leader in industrial supply. Chalk lines are used to mark a straight line between two points that are too far apart to use a straight edge by the string giving off a puff of chalk and an instant straight line. The chalk should show up on the fabric, but it shouldnít leave a lasting residue. A chalk line may also be referred to as a "chalk box", as this is also descriptive of the hand tools! Chalk is available in a small, cakelike chip. Marking Pens come in two varieties: water and air-soluble. The inks disappear either by themselves or when dampened with water. Use water-soluble pens on fabrics that wonít water spot or distort when dampened. Sometimes the mark faintly reappears after pressing or after the fabric dries. If this occurs it should be wet again. Use air-soluble pens on fabrics that canít be washed or dampened. Because the marks evaporate within 24 to 48 hours, sew the project shortly after marking, or seal the marked fabric in a plastic bag with the air squeezed out.