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Since 1892, Linzer Products Corporation has been providing excellence in the painting industry.  They produce multiple products for paint stuff, such as:  paint brushes, roller covers, pad painters, tools and accessories for everyone from the professional to the first-time painter. Through it all, Linzer has grown to be one of the world’s largest manufacturers, importers and exporters of paint tools and accessories.

We store a wide variety of Paint application brushes; White Chinese Chip Brushes. Chip brushes have been the industry’s choice for decades and are still in demand. Made from White China Bristle that is disposable and so brushes can resist even the most aggressive solvents. Used for utility applications, applying varnishes, stains, roof coatings, and epoxies or for cleaning machinery, dusting wood and metal chips. These chip Brushes are great for applying glues, contact cements and touch-up finishing, they are available at most reasonable rate. Besides, they are available in many sizes from 0.5 in, 1in,, 2in, 2.5in, 3in to 4 inch.

Offering wider variety to our clients, we supply you with the most durable and stylish bristle paint brushes for heavy duty painting. The Chinese bristle brushes are created by skilled tufters and are widely used with oils and acrylics. They are of great quality natural bristle brushes that have interlocking hairs and flagged tips for increased color carrying capacity and control. Offered in sizes 1",2",3", and 4"
Caulking guns are an important tool on any construction job. Our Linzer’s Skeleton Frame Caulking Guns includes the innovative Stop Flow feature as it stops caulk from flowing or dripping. These guns are durable, high quality and don’t consume much time. They also feature a nozzle clean-out tool and a hex rod Parallel Frame.
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White Chinese Chip Brushes 1 in. - Each
Our Price: $12.55 / Each   
716 in stock!
In addition to a good paint brush, a quality roller cover is one of the essentials. And as with brushes, professional-quality equipment costs only a few dollars more than the low-end stuff and the difference in ease of use and the quality of the finished product makes the small additional expense well worth it!
Industrial Grade Roller Covers are basically a long, hollow tube covered with fabric, foam or other material. They fit over the cage on the roller frame, and are what actually holds and applies the paint. Also, they are applied on medium to rough surfaces. There is a huge selection of roller covers available with various sizes, but you need only a couple of them and they are interchangeable on the roller frame, so you can mix and match the covers to suit just about any painting situation.
Quality paint roller frames will reduce the amount of time and effort spent painting with a roller. A good roller frame is a critical part of every professional painter's tool kit. Linzer’s Roller Frames definitely saves time, are easy to use, strong and affordable. Choose the best possible to provide the best finish with the least amount of effort. With less time spent painting you can have more time enjoying your beautiful work and planning the next room.
Thank you for browsing our great manufacturer Linzer. You can find Linzer quality in some of the finest home centers, hardware stores and paint stores in the business. Linzer offers you consistently high quality merchandise with a value unmatched in the industry. And continue to develop new and exciting products for both professional and DIY painters.