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Light Bulbs

Light bulbs come in four main varieties: incandescent, fluorescent, high-intensity discharge, and LED.  Incandescent bulbs have a glowing filament.  Fluorescent bulbs use less electricity than incandescent and last up to 20 times longer.  High-intensity bulbs are used most often in outdoor security lights and area lighting.  LEDs are generally the longest lasting and most energy efficient source of lighting.  Light bulbs are classified by either wattage (how much electricity the use) or lumen output (how bright they are).  Light bulbs are used ubiquitously throughout the country.
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Quartz Light Bulbs - 500 Watt
Quartz Light Bulbs - 500 Watt
Our Price: $2.72 / Each   
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The industrial supply store offers high quality light bulbs at low prices.  Whether you are looking for long fluorescents for ceiling lighting in offices, manufacturing plants, etc or for lamp light bulbs, we have what you need.