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Insecticides and other pest control products to keep pesky pests at bay.

Bugs. Very few things create such a negative image of a facility than improper pest control. Insect infestation can reduce the most flawlessly serviced building, plant, office, or kitchen to merely a structure to be avoided. Industrial and institutional pest control is certainly important for making sure your maintenance investment is not compromised by unwanted visitors. Our Insecticide Program is designed to provide a broad array of some of the finest products available anywhere. Included in the Program are flying insect killers, crawling insect killers, wasp & hornet killers, metered aerosols, total release foggers, and specialty products. These formulas are all industrial and institutional strength for professional use and do not include any chlorinated solvents or ozone depleters.

Restaurant management should be well aware of the existence of regulations and limitations relating to pest control and roach control for any commercial food handling agency. Basic objectives of the regulations are to ensure that food and preparatory equipment are not contaminated with restaurant insecticides or roach insecticide. General purpose pest control as well specific purpose insect control is essential for success of your restaurant. Controlling any types of insects and pests is essential for preservation of health and hygiene. Combat roach bait is very useful for controlling roaches. People are always worried about rodent and pest removal and control. That is why your requirements as restaurant owner would be obtaining services of professional experts who can give you the best restaurant insecticides and pest control tools. Here, you can find insecticides for mosquitoes, ant insecticides, insecticide foggers, yellow jackets, and more.
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Wasp and Hornet Killer Plus Insecticides - 20 oz.
Wasp and Hornet Killer Plus Insecticides - 20 oz.
Our Price: $8.61 / Can   
5976 in stock!
The End Wasp and Hornet Killer - 20 OZ.
Our Price: $8.21 / CAN   
1656 in stock!
Bee Blast Wasp and Hornet Killer - 20 oz
Bee Blast Wasp and Hornet Killer - 20 oz.
Our Price: $8.84 / Can   
876 in stock!
Blast EM Wasp and Hornet Killer - 20 oz.
Our Price: $8.26 / CAN   
408 in stock!
Whether water or solvent based, aerosol or liquid, we have the insecticide to suit your needs. Even the most widely used insecticides at home may not be suitable for the commercial kitchens or the food serving and preparing areas. Possibilities of contamination of food in these areas are much higher than domestic sphere and it calls for effective restaurant insecticides and pest control components. If that is your concern you have come to the right place. We provide high quality insecticides including ant insecticides, roach control, roach insecticide, wasp killer and metered air insecticides, all tailor made for your requirements. For instance you can use our Combat Roach Killing Gel or our Blast EMP Wasp and Hornet Killers or clean the air with our Clean Air Purge III Aerosol Metered Insecticide.