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We stock the widest variety of industrial strength tapes of any company in North America.  Duct tapes are excellent for heavy duty adhesion and repairs.  Electrical tapes are safe for use with wiring and are a common tools of carpenters and electricians.  Masking tape is used by painters and automotive workers to mark off areas to be left unpainted.  Packaging tapes are used by all commercial companies that ship anything.  Metal pipe tapes are durable and corrosion resistant for use by plumbers and metalworkers.  Strapping tape is used to close and reinforce fibreboard boxes.   Teflon tape is used by plumbers to seal threaded pipe connections against water, gas and, air leakage.
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Scotch-Blue Multi-Surface Painters Tape - 2 in. x 60 yd
Scotch-Blue Multi-Surface Painters Tape - 2 in. x 60 yd
Our Price: $10.28 / Roll   
3659 in stock!
General Purpose Natural Masking Tape - 2 in. x 60 yd
Our Price: $3.84 / Roll   
1464 in stock!
General Purpose Natural Masking Tape - 1.5 in. x 60 yd
Our Price: $3.27 / Each   
672 in stock!
Scotch Natural Masking Tape 2308 - 48 mm x 55 m
Our Price: $10.21 / Roll   
233 in stock!
Utility Grade Silver Duct Tape - 9 Mil
Our Price: $125.80 / Case   
98 in stock!
Premium Grade Acrylic Clear Carton Sealing Tape - 0.96 in.
Our Price: $103.28 / Case   
3 in stock!
Industrial Tapes for commercial use and manufacturing.  We have a wide variety of tapes for a wide variety of industrial applications.  All of our tapes are high quality and affordable.  These commercial grade tapes will meet or exceed your industrial needs.