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Heat Guns and Torches

Heat guns emit hot air in streams to seal plastics, melt snow, and more.  The temperature of the air varies depending on the type of heat gun being used between 100 - 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. Many industrial heat guns have an adjustable temperature settings for the specific application.  Heat guns are often used to thaw frozen pipes or locks, dry objects, shrink wrap packaging, strip paint, soften adhesives or heat shrink tubing.  Most heat guns are powered by electricity and some have a contact safety switch that turns off the heat gun when the user is not pressing the switch.
When it comes to heat torches, these are most often run on gas- which may be propane, butane or another type of fuel. Depending on the torch, it can be used for many of the tasks that the heat gun is used for.  A heat torch may also be used for soldering, brazing, cutting and welding.  A heat torch provides flame, verses the hot air from a heat gun.  The flame has different levels of temperatures depending on the part of the flame. A heat torch may reach up to 3000 degrees Fahrenheit.
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Butane Refill Canisters 1 oz. - Each
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Industrial Heat 120 Volt Guns
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Heat guns, heat blowers and heat torches to remove old paint, adhesives or old wallpaper helps avoid the time consuming task of having to scrape the walls or scrub them with chemicals or solvents that can be hazardous.
When using heat guns or torches, remember that there is a risk of hurting oneself or damaging the project being worked on.  Always know the temperature needed to accomplish the task at hand and how to handle and operate the heat gun or torch properly.  Be sure that the appropriate safety gloves, long sleeves and other safety gear is worn when operating a heat gun or heat torch.  In some cases, when removing old paint, it may release toxic fumes, be sure to always have proper ventilation, safety glasses and breathing masks on hand when using a heat gun.