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Flashlights and Lanterns

Flashlights and lanterns should always be kept on hand emergencies in case the electricity goes out. They can also save your life as a signal if you get injured  by yourself. In the case of an accident or a natural disaster, a flashlight can help you find an exit, another person, or signal for emergency personnel.   Head lamp style flashlights, rechargeable flashlights and waterproof flashlights are often used in search and rescue missions, where rescuers may be searching throughout the night and may also be in wet areas. Headlamps keep your hands free on the job.  Headlights are used by construction workers, on-the-ground airline workers, and search and rescue personnel.  A flashlight should also always be kept in your vehicle, in case of a flat tire or break down in the dark.  Flashlights are a handy tool that should also be at the top of the list of camping supplies.  A headlamp flashlight when camping can help you accomplish many hands free tasks and find your way to your tent safely. When camping, head lamp flashlights are very popular because they freed the hands for carrying other things, chopping wood, and preparing meals.
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The Bright Star Industrial Flashlights Yellow - Each
Our Price: 9.22 / Each   
3661 in stock!
Mini Maglite AA Flashlights with Batteries - Each
Our Price: 13.52 / Each   
2249 in stock!
Industrial Flashlights Yellow 7.270 in. - Each
Our Price: 5.31 / Each   
2212 in stock!
MicroStream LED Matte Black Flashlight - 3.5 in. x 0.60 in.
Our Price: 21.23 / Each   
2100 in stock!
Alkaline Stylus Pro LED Flashlights Matte Black - 5.300 in.
Our Price: 25.04 / Each   
1548 in stock!
Mini Maglite AA Black Holster Combo Pack with Batteries - Kit
Our Price: 16.00 / Kit   
1136 in stock!
Worksafe Flashlights Gas Size D - Each
Our Price: 16.46 / Each   
1088 in stock!
Mini Maglite Led Black Flash Light 2 Cell AA - Each
Our Price: 24.50 / Each   
1045 in stock!
Alkaline Septor LED Headlamps Yellow - 2.530 in.
Our Price: 37.19 / Each   
999 in stock!
Alkaline Stylus Flashlights Black - 6.210 in.
Our Price: 17.02 / Each   
849 in stock!
Enduro LED Black Headlamp
Our Price: 16.77 / Each   
845 in stock!
Headsup 3 Led Headlight with Cloth and Rubber Straps
Our Price: 38.42 / Each   
825 in stock!
D Size Battery Economy Flashlight - Black
Our Price: 2.56 / Each   
783 in stock!
Mini Maglite AAA Black Flashlights Blister Pack with 2 Batteries - Each
Our Price: 11.76 / Each   
744 in stock!
Alkaline Haz-Lo Headlamps Yellow - 2.550 in.
Our Price: 50.31 / Each   
737 in stock!
Krypton Straight Worksafe Lanterns - Each
Our Price: 34.42 /Each   
710 in stock!
Worksafe Flashlights D Size - Each
Our Price: 14.69 /Each   
459 in stock!
Super SabreLite Flashlights with Laser Spo - Yellow
Our Price: 35.92 / Each   
449 in stock!
Polycarbonate Jr. LED Flashlights Black - 6.5 in.
Our Price: 40.16 / Each   
447 in stock!
Alkaline ProPolymer Flashlights Yellow - 6.5 in.
Our Price: 32.29 / Each   
415 in stock!
HeadsUp Lite LED Black Flashlight - 2.81 in. x 1 in. x 1 in.
Our Price: 32.43 / Each   
357 in stock!
Worksafe Flashlights Orange PR-2 - Each
Our Price: 11.97 / Each   
326 in stock!
Professional Tactical Black Flashlight - 5.97 in.
Our Price: 51.04 / Each   
277 in stock!
D Cell Blue Flashlights Hang Pack with 4 Batteries - Each
Our Price: 30.65 / Each   
267 in stock!
Mini Maglite AAA Black Flashlights with 2 Batteries - Each
Our Price: 12.03 / Each   
265 in stock!
Head lamp style flashlights are increasing in popularity because of the freedom they allow.  Hand held flashlights are available in many different sizes, from mini to industrial, and in different colors and lamp brightness.  Emergency Lighting Centers have a base for recharging that can be centrally located. We also carry lanterns which are nice to have in darker hallways, outdoor venues and when camping. Lanterns provide a constant source of light for many hours. Lanterns operate on either batteries, kerosene, or propane.  The biggest advantage of flashlights and lanterns is their portability.