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Fire, Gas and Water Protection Devices

Smoke detectors are an essential device in all buildings to alert occupants when it senses smoke in the air so that they may evacuate from a fire in a timely manner.  Most commercial and office buildings are required to have some type of smoke and fire detection system in place by law.  The most common type of smoke detector method is the ionization physical detection method which checks the air for smoke particles.  These wholesale smoke detectors are economical and affordable.  These smoke detectors are available as a hard wired system or battery operated depending on your preference.
Carbon monoxide detectors can be sold alone or in a combination unit with a smoke detector.  Carbon monoxide is an odorless, tasteless gas that is virtually undetectable without a carbon monoxide detection device, making it a very deadly combustible gas.  Carbon monoxide is created when a fuel source is not vented properly.  Carbon monoxide detectors monitor the levels of carbon monoxide in the air that may be caused by chimneys or furnaces, kerosene or gas space heaters, stoves or fireplaces.
We also sell combustible gas detectors to check for gas leaks.  These combustible gas detectors are usually hand held devices used by professionals to inspect gas lines, furnaces, hot water heaters and other combustible gas appliances or applications in your home.  These detectors usually have an easy to read positive, such as a red light at the end of the indicator that blinks or flashes.  Natural gas and propane have a distinct odor that alerts anyone in the area that there is a leak, but in order to find the leak, a detector may need to be used.
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5 different classes of fires exist and fire extinguishers are manufactured for those classes of fires.  Class A is ordinary combustible fires like wood, paper, and trash.  Class B fires include flammable liquids and gases such as gas, paint, petroleum oil, propane and butane. Class C fires include power equipment, appliances, transformers, motors and other electrical equipment.  Class D fires are combustible metals like aluminum, magnesium, sodium and potassium.  Class K fires involve animal fats or vegetable fats in cooking oil or grease.
Water fire extinguishers can only be used for Class A fires.  Foam fire extinguishers can only be used for Class A and B type fires.  Carbon Dioxide fire extinguishers can be used for Class B and C fires.  Ordinary Dry Chemical fire extinguishers are used for Class B and C fires, while Multi-purpose Dry Chemical fire extinguishers can be used on Class A, B or C fires. Wet Chemical fire extinguishers are for Class K fires like commercial kitchen deep fryers.  Using the incorrect fire extinguisher on a fire it should not be used on may not be effective and may actually cause more damage.Use the correct fire extinguishers on the appropriate fire to extinguish it. Make sure to have the correct fire extinguisher onhand for any situation that may apply at your place. Be sure to know which fire extinguishers are for what purpose and which ones are in what location.  Always read your fire extinguisher information and safety labels, and know how to operate each fire extinguisher correctly.