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Pneumatic Finishing Tools for Building

Pneumatic finishing tools are essential for building furniture, homes, cars, and other products. Pneumatic finishing tools include a high pressure air compressor and a wide variety of tool attachments to conquer any finishing need. All Pneumatic finishing tools are used to achieve professional results on wood, metal and other materials. High pressure air compressors are the main power source for all pneumatic tools. An orbital air sander is a flexible and easy to use pneumatic finishing tool used in auto shops and wood shops. The dual-action air sander should always be touching the surface when it is turned on. Air sanders are considered essential for professional auto body repair jobs, and are also the kind of equipment that every hobbyist will want to have in their toolkit. Die grinders are used for porting, weld breaking, and smoothing sharp edges, as well as deburring, polishing, and grinding in manufacturing.
Pneumatic Belt Sanders Pneumatic Pad Sanders

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Right Angle Die Grinders Aluminum 5.5 in. - Each
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Aluminum Straight Die Grinders 6.5 in. - Each
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Industrial pneumatic finishing tools get your jobs done faster and more efficiently. Sanders are one of the finishing tools widely used in wood working. Sanding is supposed to be the most difficult task within woodworking in terms of time and precision. Even with a random orbit sander, it is time consuming and frequently fraught with undesirable results. Two of the greatest complaints are that their sanders leave swirl marks, and that their hands go numb from the vibration. Our pneumatic sanders solve both of these problems. Random orbit sanders are frequently referred to as Dual Action sanders. This is because each point on the sanding pad moves in two interrelated circular paths. To achieve random motion, the sanding pad is allowed to rotate freely. It is this free motion that reduces swirl marks because the marks are more random than the circular pattern that the human eye can quickly discern. The orbit diameter of a sander is how far from the centerline that the pad rotates. Generally speaking, smaller orbit diameters result in smoother finishes, but less aggressive cutting; while larger orbit diameters result in more aggressive sand with less smooth results. Buy your wholesale wood and metal finishing tools from the leader in industrial supply.