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Exothermic Cutting

Exothermic cutting is facilitated by use of an electrode fabricated from a single elongated strip of metal roll formed into a generally cylindrical elongated electrode shape. Exothermic cutting uses an electrode or burning bar of the type wherein a mass of metal is ignited in the presence of an oxidizing gas (e.g. oxygen) to form a flame or products of combustion which can be directed at a structural shape  to cut or pierce it. In particular, this invention relates to a lightweight portable self-contained system that can be used by such diverse parties as emergency rescue squads and metal reclaimers. An exothermic electrode provides a mass of oxidizable metal and, in the presence of an oxidizing gas (e.g. oxygen) and a source of ignition, will produce a flame which can be directed against a work piece like a part of a fixed land structure, marine structure or similar object. In the hands of a skilled operator; a cutting, piercing or burning operation can take place.
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Slice Exothermic Cutting Rod - 22 in. x 0.25 in.
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Slice Exothermic Cutting Electrode Rod - 44 in. x 0.25 in.
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The electrode includes an outer hollow conductor, an inner conductor disposed inside, and outer hollow conductor. The inner conductor is configured so as to form the boundaries of two chambers  with a third chamber between the outer hollow conductor and an inner conductor. The three chambers are of substantially equal cross-sectional size so that even gas flow is produced and even consumption of the electrode is provided. There are many cutting electrodes for use underwater and on land using the oxygen arc method, mentioned, supra. There are minor differences among these electrodes: the length of the electrode or the thickness of the conductor wall of the electrode. The major differences are the configuration of the internal conductor. The slice cutting system uses a special torch that supplies oxygen and power to a patented arc air slice exothermic cutting rod. . Electrodes can be used to burn, cut of pierce structural materials such as cast iron, steel, concrete and natural or synthetic rock.