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Make sure you have a good electrical tool kit for industrial and commercial electric work. Our electrical meters, testers and analyzers, including home inspection tools have been chosen for electrical testing and inspection to locate, diagnose and pinpoint potential electrical problems. From simple voltage and current sensing probes to our full line of digital multimeters, circuit analyzers, and wire gauges, these electrical devices cover all your industrial testing and inspection needs. Fish tape is essential for electricians to pull stranded or solid wire through metal or PVC conduit. Cable lube is available to assist you in pulling the wires through pipes as well. While cable is still pulled manually on residential and light commercial jobs, new lightweight power pullers bring cable through conduit on a variety of industrial projects. Larger power-pulling tools are used for making long, multiple-cable commercial installations. The same pulling equipment used for electrical cable also can be used to pull datacom cabling.
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Havens Wire Pulling Grip - 4 lbs. Single V Groove Jaw Chicago Grip - 3 in.
Our Price: $123.00 / Each   
133 in stock!
Our Price: $98.65 / Each   
238 in stock!
409-1625-20 409-1613-30
Screw Type Reel Stands - 2500 lb. Phase Sequence and Open Phase Indicators - 4.240 in.
Our Price: $246.55 / Each   
82 in stock!
Our Price: $107.58 / Each   
91 in stock!
332-683 623-PSI8031
Havens Grip - 0.125 to 0.50in. AC Clamp Meter - 8 in. x 1.4 in.
Our Price: $94.23 / Each   
78 in stock!
Our Price: $76.51 / Each   
84 in stock!
409-1604-20 409-CL200
Digital Multimeter Autorange 9 Function 35 Range Auto Ranging Multimeter - 5.75 in. x 1.75 in.
Our Price: $79.76 / Each  
51 in stock!
Our Price: $50.05 / Each   
41 in stock!
623-DM6450 409-MM200
Parallel Jaw Grips - 0.37-0.75 in. Replacement Draw Studs for Hydraulic Drivers - 2.81in.
Our Price: $264.38 / Each   
54 in stock!
Our Price: $19.30 / Each   
39 in stock!
409-1671-10 332-1614SS
Havens Grip with Latch - 0.125 to 0.50in. Slug-Buster Knockout Kits - 0.5-1.25 in.
Our Price: $103.27 / Each   
67 in stock!
Our Price: $192.53 / SET   
26 in stock!
409-1604-20L 332-7235BB
Slug-Buster Knockout Kits - 0.5-2 in. Low Voltage Tester - 43.25 in.
Our Price: $423.17 / SET   
66 in stock!
Our Price: $14.76 / Each   
21 in stock!
332-7238SB 409-69127
Ac and Dc True Rms Clamp Meter - 8.87 in. x 1.5 in. Digisnap Digital Clamp Meter 1000A
Our Price: $153.54 / Each   
19 in stock!
Our Price: $188.28 / Each   
20 in stock!
409-CL2000 623-DSA1010
Open Jaw Current Sensor Quick Draw Hydraulic Punch Kit
Our Price: $110.11 / Each   
20 in stock!
Our Price: $1,009.82 / SET   
19 in stock!
623-AV2A 332-7806-SB
Heavy-Duty Snake Grips - 1 in.-1.5 in. Heavy-Duty Snake Grips - 0.5 in.-1 in.
Our Price: $205.25 / Each   
37 in stock!
Our Price: $145.59 / Each   
5 in stock!
418-30-3007 418-30-3003
Conduit and Pipe Storage Racks - 58.5 in. LCD Display AC Hook Meter - 10.25 in. x 1.5 in.
Our Price: $507.47 / Each   
6 in stock!
Our Price: $100.69 / Each   
14 in stock!
332-668 409-CL3100
Continuity Tester - 4 in. Digisnap Trms Digital Clamp Meter 600A
Our Price: $13.44 / Each   
11 in stock!
Our Price: $190.06 / Each   
13 in stock!
409-69133 623-DSA680TRMS
Electricians and Hvac Trms Multimeter - 7 in. x 1.88 in. Quick Draw Hydraulic Punch Kits Adapter - Set
Our Price: $125.06 / Each   
11 in stock!
Our Price: $825.51 / Set   
6 in stock!
409-MM2000 332-7904SB
Slug-Out Hydraulic Knockout Sets Quick Draw Hydraulic Punch Kits
Our Price: $1,850.97 / Set   
9 in stock!
Our Price: $1,045.36 / SET   
7 in stock!
623-KOH540A 332-7906SB
Quick Draw Hydraulic Punch Kits 10 Lb. - Set AC Clamp Meter - 8.87 in. x 1.5 in.
Our Price: $799.19 / Set   
7 in stock!
Our Price: $107.80 / Each   
35 in stock!
332-7804-SB 409-CL1000
Havens Grip TighSight 1000 Amp Clamp Meters With DC Current
Our Price: $68.40 / Each   
1 in stock!
Our Price: $293.67 / Each   
3 in stock!
409-1604-10 131-61-772
XL-Series Solenoid Voltage Testers XL-Series Solenoid Voltage Continuity Tester
Our Price: $41.61 / Each   
3 in stock!
Our Price: $68.10 / Each   
7 in stock!
131-61-085 131-61-086
Tuff-Grip Pro Fish Tapes - 120ft.x0.13in. Upper Hand Fish Tapes with Rubber Grips - 250Ft.
Our Price: $68.40 / Each  
2 in stock!
Our Price: $88.08 / Each   
2 in stock!
131-31-056 623-FTS-250R
Extension Pole Wirespanner 54 in. - Each Replacement Draw Stud
Our Price: $228.59 / Each   
1 in stock!
Our Price: $57.67 / Each   
8 in stock!
409-56105 332-2113B
Highly durable Knockout Punches are an electrician's favorite tool when he needs to make a hole in an electrical box or panel. A knockout punch set gives you the choice of many different sized knockouts to make different sized holes. Knockouts, also called slug busters, are a cutting tool that actually cuts the metal hole in half and are available from the industrial supply superstore. The industrial cutter is used to cut through heavy sheet metal, stainless steel, plastic, and fibreglass. An electrical tester pen or test pen is a device for quickly checking whether a conductor is live. The tip of the device is touched to the conductor being tested (for instance, it can be used on a wire in a switch or inserted into a hole of an electric socket). The type of tester not requiring direct contact is the inductive amplifier. The user must touch the top of the handle at which point the indicator will light up, or a speaker will buzz, if the conductor being tested is live.