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Industrial Earmuffs to protect your ears.

Ear protection equipment is very important in many work environments.  Ear muffs are one of the choices when it comes to protecting a workers ear.  In some loud environments, an earplug may not be sufficient protection for the ears.  Also some workers may be uncomfortable wearing earplugs.  Enter Ear Muffs.

Ear Muffs are a device with a foam covered ear cup attached to each end of a head band. Ear Muffs are worn in work environments where a worker is exposed to consistent loud noise and protection is needed to block these sounds.  With ear muffs, normal conversation may or may not be able to be heard, so be sure that the workplace has some sort of warning alarm system in case of an emergency.  Ear muffs look much like headphones and cover the ears completely.  Some workers may find ear muffs much more comfortable than earplugs.  Ear muffs must fit properly to provide adequate protection, so be sure nothing comes in between the ear and the ear muff.   Ear muffs also protect the ears in cold weather. Ear muffs can be used in a number of industrial or recreational applications like construction, printing press operators, woodworking, machinery, equipment operators, automotive industry, airline industry or shooting.
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QM24Plus Multiple Position Earmuffs - Red
Our Price: $7.26 / Each   
5415 in stock!
Thunder Earmuffs Headband 26NRR - Light Green
Our Price: $23.12 / Each   
4255 in stock!
Leightning Earmuffs Headband 30NRR - Black
Our Price: $22.14 / Pair   
1936 in stock!
Optime 95 Behind-The-Head Earmuffs - 21 db
Our Price: $14.97 / Each   
801 in stock!
Optime 105 Earmuffs - Black and Red
Our Price: $23.58 / Each   
728 in stock!
Leightning Earmuffs Headband - Gray
Our Price: $9.39 / Each   
620 in stock!
Optime 98 Yellow Earmuffs - 25 dB
Our Price: $14.60 / Each   
586 in stock!
Optime 101 Earmuffs - Dark Green
Our Price: $21.07 / Each   
567 in stock!
Sound Control Cap Earmuffs 27 db - Gray
Our Price: $33.30 / Pair   
553 in stock!
Maroon Ear Muffs - 20 dB
Our Price: $14.93 / Each   
478 in stock!
Viking Earmuffs 29NRR - Black
Our Price: $21.43 / Pair   
450 in stock!
Over-The-Head Optime 95 Earmuffs
Our Price: $12.38 / Each   
444 in stock!
Viking Earmuffs 27NRR - Dark Blue
Our Price: $17.06 / Pair   
406 in stock!
Black and Red Optime 105 Earmuff
Our Price: $23.59 / Each   
385 in stock!
Optime 98 Yellow Earmuffs - 23 dB
Our Price: $14.60 / Each   
379 in stock!
Sound Blocker Cap Earmuffs - 26db
Our Price: $43.99 / Pair   
317 in stock!
Optime 101 Earmuffs - 24 dB
Our Price: $18.19 / Each   
271 in stock!
Maroon Ear Muffs - 21 dB
Our Price: $27.95 / Pair   
261 in stock!
Maroon Ear Muffs - 25 dB
Our Price: $22.57 / Each   
209 in stock!
M Series Multi-Position Exclusive Iridescent Color Earmuffs - 26 dB
Our Price: $18.84 / Each   
209 in stock!
M Series Exclusive Iridescent Color Earmuffs - 29 dB
Our Price: $30.13 / Each   
155 in stock!
Leightning Hi-Visibility Cap-Mounted 23NRR - Bright Green
Our Price: $22.73 / Each   
29 in stock!
Commercial ear protection for your employees. The NRR rating that is required on all safety ear muffs is a rating on how well the device reduces noise level in a certain environment.  A higher NRR means better protection.  Determine the level of protection your workplace needs before buying.  Ear muffs are available in different styles, levels of noise reduction and colors.  Ear muff styles are comfort based.  The general head band ear muff is the most common.  Also available are hard hat mounted ear muffs and neck band ear muffs. Our most popular Ear Muff is the Optime 101 Ear muff.  Instead of a head band, these ear muffs use a neck band. This is the #1 selling ear muff in the world featuring an NRR of 22db, excellent attenuation at low and high frequencies and 2 low mounting points providing great comfort.  For higher visibility purposes, try our Optime 98 Yellow Ear Muffs in either the head band style or hard hat style.  These ear muffs have pivoting ear cups for optimum fit and are a high protection design.  These ear muffs are compatible with the AO Tuffmaster face protection system. The Optime 98 yellow ear muffs also have soft seal liquid/foam filled cushions for a better seal even with eye wear.