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Ear Protection

In work environments where a worker may be exposed to continuous loud sounds over an extended period of time, the worker should be wearing ear protection.  Machinery, electric tools, heavy equipment, printing presses, target shooting and hammering are examples of sounds that can cause damage to the ears.  Construction workers and carpenters should always have proper hearing protection.  Hearing protection is also important for farmers and workers operating heavy machinery.  It is impossible to overstate the importance of protecting one's ears.
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SparkPlugs Multi-Color Foam Earplugs - 33 dB
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SparkPlugs Multi-Color Corded Tapered Foam Earplugs - 33 dB
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Laser-Lite Magenta Disposable Earplugs
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Max Bell Shape Coral Disposable Earplugs - 33 dB
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Laser-Lite Foam Disposable Earplugs
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PlugStation Uncorded Tapered Earplug Dispeners - 33 dB
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Classic Foam Earplugs - 29 dB
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Ultrafit Corded Earplugs - 25 dB
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Earsoft Neon Blasts Foam Earplugs - Regular
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Yellow Express Pod Plugs - 25 dB
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Tri-Flange Cloth Corded Ear Plugs
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There are different types of ear protection. Ear plugs are probably the most common. Ear plugs are little devices inserted into the ear canal. They can be purchased in many different styles, colors, types and different levels of protection. Ear muffs are also an option. Ear muffs are a headband with pads at each end that cover the ears. The pads are generally insulated and are designed to keep out most any loud noises. Ear muffs can also be attached to hard hats, so that if a worker is required to wear a hard hat, they also have the ability to protect their ears with a high protection ear muff. In either case, ear protection is designed with your ears in mind. Make sure to check the manufacturer's label for the Noise reduction rate (NRR) to ensure you will get the protection you need before buying.

Top Ten Uses For Ear Protection

1. You work at the Airport on the runways.

2. You hammer steel all day as a blacksmith.

3. You handle high speed grinders, saws and polishers in a shop.

4. You are shooting your guns.

5. You have more than 2 kids.

6. Your wife or husband snores like a freight train.

7. You are on the bus for a school field trip with your kids.

8. You pound fence posts into the ground for a living.

9. You are flying planes, jets or helicopters.

10. You are at a Justin Bieber concert with your daughter.