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Devcon is a world leader in compounds and chemical products for plant and equipment maintenance, repair, overhaul, and protection. Devcon offers a comprehensive line of adhesive products for industrial maintenance and repair, including urethane, and Methacrylate compounds for repairing metal, rubber, concrete, and other materials; coatings for protecting surfaces exposed to abrasion, corrosion, and harsh chemicals; and emergency-repair products that allow damaged equipment to be returned to service in minutes.
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Polyurethane Flexane 80 Liquid Black - Each 1lb
Our Price: $60.89 /Each   
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Flexane 94 Liquid - 1lb.
Our Price: $66.54 / Each   
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Multi-Purpose Aluminum Liquid
Our Price: $174.63 / Each   
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FasMetal Gray Repair Epoxy
Our Price: $80.39 / CAN   
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Devcon products have been around for as much as 50 years ago when Plastic Steel was first introduced. Since then, Devcon has developed many well-known OEM and MRO products such as: 5 Minute Epoxy, 2 Ton, Plastic Welder, Flexane Urethanes, Wear Guard and Floor Patch to name a few. Devcon offers a complete line of Flooring Repair that provides concrete repair and reinforcement products, concrete finishing, treatment and maintenance products to construction industries and consumers. One of its amazing products is the Floor Patch Epoxy that adheres very well to concrete, masonry, and metal surfaces, both dry and damp, excellent chemical resistance to caustics, most inorganic acids, oils, gasoline, and some solvents. Available in 10lb and 40lb.
Moreover, Devcon Metal Repair is toughened, fast-curing structural epoxies with excellent environmental and chemical resistance. It produces many useful products such as, Devcon Plastic Steel Liquid B that bonds to most metals, concrete, and some plastics, used for hundreds of routine maintenance especially in areas where welding or brazing would be undesirable or impossible. Besides, we ship many of Multi-Purpose Aluminum Liquid product fills gaps and hardens to a rigid metallic mass as it can be machined drilled or tapped using conventional metalworking tools. And if you’re searching for a rebuilder and fixer to your stainless steel equipment then we have Devcon Stainless Steel Putty, Bonds to both ferrous and nonferrous materials, non-rusting, and acceptable for use in meat and poultry plants as well as repairing pumps and valves.
Whether you’re searching for Devcon’s specialty adhesives, Devcon Application, Devcon Emergency Repair, Devcon Gasketing- RTV, Devcon Methacrylates, or Devcon Castable Urethanes; then you’re in the right place as we store plenty of their products. In addition to this, we also offer you Devcon Epoxies, Devcon Market and Devcon Rubber Repair. In which all these complete line of products are well qualified and tested by many professionals.
Devcon’s productive line of Abrasion Resistant products is meant to repair materials used in extremely aggressive operating environments. One of its greatest products is the Wear Guard High Load Grey that has great resistant systems which protects many types of industrial equipment from abrasion damage with the addition of silicon carbide or alumina ceramic beads. This complete also has an excellent product the Carbide Putty which has high-performance; metal-filled epoxies permanently repair or rebuild critical equipment and quickly return it to service. Moreover, we still have the Combo Wear Fast Cure that is ideal for cracks in large coal fuel lines and resist to weathering and salt water.
Devcon Dispensing Equipment holds up to a wide range of application guns and Cartridge mixing nozzles for dispensing and mixing which eliminate pre-mixing and greatly reduce waste and has other more useful features. Devcon Dispensing Equipment offers a product where it can easy-to-load, mix nozzle automatically and thoroughly mixes adhesive components; Mark 5 Dispensing Systems. And also we store many of Devcon Cartridge Mix Nozzles that the most efficient and economical method of dispensing and applying Devcon adhesives.