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Protective Aprons

A protective apron is a garment worn over clothes that covers primarily the front of the body to protect against heat, sparks and chemicals.  It may be worn to protect clothes from wear and tear and to protect the user from heat and other dangers.  Light weight aprons are commonly worn for cooking in food service or as lab coats in colleges.  Heavier duty aprons are worn by carpenters, blacksmiths, chemical handlers, manufacturers, steel workers, and welders to protect against job hazards. Waist aprons generally cover from the waist to just above the knees and are more comfortable when upper torso protection in not needed.  Bib aprons cover as much as the waist apron, but also extend to cover the upper part of the body.  Split leg aprons protect the waist and the lower half splits to form legs that generally cover to below the knee. Leather aprons such as bib aprons, waist aprons, and split leg aprons are used in welding, blacksmithing, steel plants and in other environments where protection from heat or abrasion is required.
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Standard Hycar Aprons - 36 in.
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Visual Green Standard Bib aprons are flame retardant and have an adjustable waist strap in back, making them great for cooking in the kitchen.  A general use apron is the Anchor Standard Denim Shop Apron.  This bib apron offers heavy denim protection with bib pockets for pads, pencils, or small tools. For the butcher, meat packer, chemical handler, or the industrial maintenance worker; our Standard Hycar Bib Apron is perfect. Hycar is a nitrile blend that offering resistance to animal fats, grease, acids, and oils.  This material is superior to naturaly rubber or neoprene for puncture, cut and abrasion resistance.  These aprons perform well in cold conditions and are double coated for wear life, ease of cleaning, and best possible protection.

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