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Coated Abrasives

Coated abrasives are used in grinding wheels, abrasive sticks or stones. Abrasive stones or sticks are used for honing internal or external surfaces and sharpening edges. Abrasive grains of coated abrasives are in different bond types. They are used widely to take out surface materials like ceramics, metal, plastics, glass, and paint in manufacturing and industrial plants. Most uses require a controlled flexing of the coated abrasive, base on the contour of the object to be polished and the diameter and size of the contact wheel. The polishing of a flat object with a hard, large diameter contact wheel requires little or no flex. A very irregularly contoured object polished on a small or soft contact wheel will require a very flexible coated abrasive to permit the abrasive to follow the contour. The abrasive materials in coated abrasives are the same as the materials used in bonded abrasives, but is applied differently.
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Vortec Pro Abrasive Flap Discs Grit 36 - 4.5 in.
Our Price: $7.11 / Each   
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Cubitron II 36 Grit Brown Fibre Disc 982C - 5 in.
Our Price: $237.62 / Case   
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Flap Discs Z3 -100 Percentage Zirconia XL - 4.5 in.
Our Price: $6.25 / Each   
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BobCat Drive Mandrel - 3 in.
Our Price: $23.31 / Each   
148 in stock!
Buy wholesale high quality foam coated abrasive sponges including sanding blocks, sanding pads and nail buffing blocks which are available in a range of sizes grades and grain types. They are ideal for grinding process of every type of marble, granite, steel and stainless steel.