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Protective Clothing for Industrial Workers

Protective clothing can take on a variety of forms in commercial settings.  Clothing protection is essential in many industrial jobs for safety as well as comfort and regulation of body temperature. Some clothing protects employees from stains or spills.  Some workers wear just a simple apron, while industrial workers may need a full body protective suit, like coveralls. Protective clothing for chemical or hazardous material handling facilities requires full body coveralls and potentially respirators as well. Health care workers and food service workers use our protective aprons and gloves. Welders need our protective sleeves. Construction and road construction workers can wear our protective clothing to stay warm in the winter months. Rain gear comes in handy for certain outdoor jobs as well.
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Tyvek White Coveralls - 3x-Large
Our Price: $146.40 / Case   
388 in stock!
Tyvek Coveralls White - 3x-Large
Our Price: $122.93 / Case   
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Gray Tyvek Shoe and Boot Cover - 5 in.
Our Price: $96.46 / Case   
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Tyvek Lab Coats White - 2x-Large
Our Price: $112.32 / Case   
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ProShield NexGen White Coverall - 3X-Large
Our Price: $98.99 / Case   
39 in stock!
Tempro Coveralls Light Blue - 2x-Large
Our Price: $153.21 / Case   
23 in stock!
Tempro Coveralls Light Blue - 3x-Large
Our Price: $177.22 / Case   
10 in stock!
Rain wear, coats and jackets or protective shirts that block harmful UV rays are staples to being comfortable in any outdoor climate when on the job.  All of our clothing protection is made of high quality materials and tested for safety and effectiveness.  Our wide variety of clothing is ideal for all working environments from cafeterias to health labs.