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Canvas Gloves

Canvas gloves are good all purpose work gloves for building sites, home yard work, construction, manufacturing, shipping and receiving. The abrasion resistance of cotton canvas gloves is perfect for warehouse work.  For material handling or warehouse work, our white cotton canvas gloves give you better handling than other gloves. Choose canvas gloves with PVC dots to give you added handling ability.
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1000 Series Canvas Gloves White
Our Price: $1.46 / Pair   
10176 in stock!
1000 Series Cotton Canvas Gloves White - 8 Oz.
Our Price: $1.07 / Pair   
4824 in stock!
1000 Series Canvas Gloves White - 8 Oz.
Our Price: $1.29 / Pair   
3818 in stock!
Off-White 1000 Series Mens Canvas Gloves
Our Price: $2.34 / Pair   
1296 in stock!
1000 Series Canvas Gloves White - 20 Oz.
Our Price: $1.78 / Pair   
864 in stock!
Cotton Canvas Knit Wrist Clute Pattern Gloves
Our Price: $1.14 / Pair   
716 in stock!
Green 1000 Series Knit Wrist Canvas Gloves
Our Price: $28.80 / Dozen   
654 in stock!
White 1000 Series Unlined Canvas Gloves - Large
Our Price: $29.75 / Dozen   
188 in stock!
Dotted Canvas Gloves Large - 10 Oz.
Our Price: $15.62 / Pair   
150 in stock!
1000 Series Canvas Gloves Large - Orange
Our Price: $28.80 / Pair   
19 in stock!
Canvas gloves are great for work sites as well as working in the garden where your hands are exposed to thorns, sunburn, prickly bushes and bug bites. If you are on a cautious worksite like road construction, use our orange canvas gloves to give you added visibility to the oncoming cars.