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Air Cooling Equipment

Air cooling equipment helps provide a cool and clean atmosphere by removing heat, smoke and dust by circulating and ventilating air around spaces between objects indoors and outdoors. HVAC systems work on principles of heating, cooling and ventilating. The list of air cooling equipment is endless as one can see. The equipment comprise direct drive portable blowers pedestal, cylinder carrier with shoulder strap VN series accessories, aluminum cylinders VN series HVAC purging systems, nitrogen VN series HVAC purging systems, belt drive portable blowers, work station fans, portable belt drive man coolers stationary, commercial air circulators wall and ceiling mounts, commercial air circulators that oscillate, high velocity low stand fans, fan mounts I-beam, pedestal mount and base, unassembled circulators pedestal fan, portable misting system mounts - pump cart, portable high pressure misting fan heads that oscillate, assembled circulator fan heads, portable direct drive man coolers and commercial air circulators. The air cooling equipment are manufactured by TPI Corporation, Airmaster Fan Company and Western Enterprises.
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Gray Pedestal Mount Unassembled Circulator - 30 in.
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Wall and Ceiling Mounts Commercial Air Circulator
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Adjustable Pedestal Mount Commercial Air Circulator
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Gray Wall Mount Unassembled Circulator - 30 in.
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Air cooling equipment provide ventilation and help to exhaust smoke and pollution in spaces ranging from small offices to huge industrial facilities. The blowers are fit with totally enclosed and explosion proof motors that are of the best quality. They comprise cast aluminum props, steel body and stand, with acid resistant coating as well as baked enamel coating. The VN Series are designed to work on the principles of heating, ventilating, and air cooling specifically for the HVAC industry. It composes of a lightweight aluminum cylinder, a regulator with an integrated cylinder valve. The portable blowers, the work station fans, the air circulators are used to blow air in a velocity that helps to get rid of pungent, harmful, bad and unpleasant odours, as well as the intolerable heat in summers. They are used to disperse huge emissions of heat as a result of chemical processes in the manufacturing industry at factories and warehouses. They are used at home and other commercial places equally and widely. The air circulators are fixed at high points in assembly halls and auditoriums, where large masses gather, to help prevent suffocation and congestion. Bakeries use the exhaust fans to put out the smell of fire and smoke in the kitchen, which turn unfavourable under constant exposure. The air cooling equipments such as the air blowers, circulators and man coolers are put to wide usage in warehouses, turbine rooms, welding rooms and factories, foundries, machine shops and hardware, and metal outlets and also at garages, service stations, and automobile work stations. They are also useful in bars, huge ancient churches, classrooms, boiler rooms, dance halls, restaurants, printing floors and print shops, libraries, and laundries.