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Adhesives and Sealants

Adhesive tapes are used as coated backing materials. They are used to bond materials together or to fix an object to a surface. Adhesive glues are especially useful for bonding thin materials. Industrial Supply Adhesives and sealants have multiple uses. Sealants are often used to close small holes that other products, such as drywall or concrete, cannon penetration. We stock various types of adhesives and sealants such as silicone adhesives, epoxy adhesives, industrial tapes, and silicone sealants.

Adhesive tapes can be pressure sensitive, water activated, or heat activated tapes. Sticky tapes are used without using either heat or solvent. Adhesive tapes are also used as release liners helping materials unrolling easily and conveniently. Sealants have higher elongation than adhesives. Adhesives and sealants are indispensable for both domestic and industrial purposes.

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Your quest for quality adhesive tapes and adhesive sealants end when you come to us.   We have been serving our valued customers providing high quality adhesives and sealants over the years.  You will find all types of adhesives including industrial tapes and industrial sealants here. You can use our scotch masking tapes or double coated urethane foam tape for special adhesive purposes. We can provide you with silicone adhesives, silicone sealants, as well as epoxy adhesives to fill your needs.  Our competitive rates mean you will get the best while paying the least. We can provide you water activated tape as well as the gummed tape and all types of adhesives and sealants catering to your different requirements. Conversely you can use our high quality reinforced gummed tape, heat activated tape, or drywall tape.