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Tape is one of many varieties of backing materials coated with an adhesive. With a wide selection to choose from, we offer tapes that come in a mixture of different shapes , sizes and colors. Several types of adhesives tapes can be used for different applications. A sealant strip is provided having a soft, resilient synthetic foamed resin core, preferably having a pressure sensitive adhesive coating on at least one of two of the opposed sides of the core.  They then also have preferably thin silicone rubber sealing layers cured in situ on the two remaining surfaces of the core. The strip is adapted for adhesive attachment to and compression between structural members, with the core supporting the edges of the sealing layers in contact with the opposed surfaces of the structural elements between which the strip has been compressed.
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Brush Top Can Thread Sealant With Teflon - 1 Pt
Our Price: $18.30 / Each   
1596 in stock!
Hi-Strenght Adhesive 11.3 Oz. - Can
Our Price: $10.30 / Can   
360 in stock!
StretchFlex HWII Hand Grade Stretch film - 18 in. x 1500 ft.
Our Price: $76.03 / Case   
223 in stock!
Contr Grade AC29 Pro Duct Tape - 2 in. x 60 yd
Our Price: $9.53 / Roll   
48 in stock!
Blue Pt. Flexible and Ridgid Pvc Pipe Cement
Our Price: $18.68 / CN   
12 in stock!
Masking Tape - 3 in. X 60 yd
Our Price: $72.24 / Case   
3 in stock!
Various types of flexible sealant strips have been proposed that carry a pressure sensitive adhesive for attaching the strip to a surface to be protected. The sealant strip is adapted to be attached with the pressure sensitive adhesive to one element of a joint and the other abutting structural element is then moved into its assembled position in engagement with the other pressure sensitiveadhesive coated on the other side of the strip. When the strip has thus been adhesively attached to both the elements at their junction, the silicone coatings which cover the other faces of the rectangular strip are facing the opposite exposed sides ofthe joint and the resilient and elastic core will hold the edges of each of these silicone surfaces pressed gently against the surfaces of the two structural elements to seal the joint.

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