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Industrial Abrasives

Abrasive products are used to grind things down for many purposes such as cleaning, carpentry, and manufacturing. Commercial abrasive products are made of very hard materials and are used to shape other objects through grinding and abrading actions. Examples include abrasive wheels and sanding tools. Industrial abrasives can be used as loose grains or in form of abrasive discs and belts.

Some of these materials are also available in the form of coated or bonded abrasives. They are used in the same way as ordinary tools, but allow greater speed, deeper cuts, and smoother finishes. Sanding abrasives are more effective than other tools because of their hardness and abrasive surface. Sanding abrasives are perfect for cutting metals, cement, and glass. Tasks like cleaning, machining, grinding, and polishing metals can be easily accomplished with them. They are also used to grind logs into paper pulp and manufacture non slip floor tiles. Sanding abrasives are truly versatile for many industrial applications.

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Scotch-Brite EXL Tan Medium Grade Unitized Wheel - 3 in.
Our Price: $8.14 / Each   
5120 in stock!
Scotch-Brite Cut and Polish Tan Unitized Wheel - 1 in. x 1 in.
Our Price: $5.94 / Each   
1928 in stock!
Type 27 Cutting and Light Grinding Wheel 0.63 inch
Our Price: $7.75 / Each   
75 in stock!
Sheet Fine Grit Emery Cloth - 9 in. x 11 in.
Our Price: $81.86 / Box   
7 in stock!
We provide heavy duty abrasive products at competitive prices.  Our unique abrasive wheels, abrasive discs, and abrasive belts can be used to clean or make new products. Each of our products is manufactured after advanced research and experimentation to ensure performance, efficiency and durability.  Our industrial abrasive products are double checked for defects. For regular use we provide sanding tools, abrasive discs, coated abrasives, and bonded abrasives.  Whether you use abrasives to clean, grind, polish or pulp, you will be extremely happy with the high quality results.