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Pressure sensitive adhesive tapes are a convenient way to put adhesive to work on improving products and processes. Based on more than 50 years experience in practical application of adhesive technology, 3M is one resource of industrial tapes for ducting, masking, case sealing, electrical, packaging, strapping, marking, piping, vinyl and construction to make every package a communications medium. For security and to deter unwanted access to the package, tampering is evident at a glance when printing on the tape is broken or misaligned. With customized printing, everyone will know the source of the package which is good advertising as well.

For adhesion to steel and for a hard tensile strength, there is 3M Duct Tape Yellow Rubber. 3M Duct Tape 3900 is a natural rubber adhesive grip on contact to many surfaces. Resisting wear, abrasion, moisture and weathering results from having Waterproof polycoated cloth backing, which makes it ideal for general temporary repairs around the plant. The yellow rubber duct tape has many features such as resisting high temperature up to  200F 93 c, sticking  well to many surfaces due to the rubber adhesive, multipurpose tape for many applications, convenient product can be applied for irregular surfaces, has variety to colours to fit  any surface, it can be easily used as the tape tears straight and easy by hand.

More from 3M Duct tape, Polyethylene-coated Cloth .It is made from polyethylene-coated cloth with rubber adhesive. Tensile strength is adept at taking on heavy duty projects. This Specialty tape is made for repairing flexible hoses and sealing heat or A/C vents, among other uses. Also, for wrapping and sealing.
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Scotch-Blue Multi-Surface Painters Tape - 2 in. x 60 yd
Scotch-Blue Multi-Surface Painters Tape - 2 in. x 60 yd
Our Price: $10.28 / Roll   
3659 in stock!
Scotch Natural Masking Tape 2308 - 48 mm x 55 m
Our Price: $10.21 / Roll   
233 in stock!
See for yourself how 3M Masking Tapes can help you increase productivity and best meet your quality standards with our Scotch Natural Paint. It has the features of being tough and smooth high performance crepe paper tape. Generally functions in back cycles up to 200F for up to one hour. Has unique balance of rubber adhesive, reduces time, good holding power. Well suited for painting on automobiles, aircraft, trucks, boats, and fabricated parts.

When you want to get rid of noise and vibration damping, friction reduction and UV protection to heat dissipation, paint stripping and more, here you are your magic key for any solution 3M Specialty Tapes. It helps you to meet and resolve many challenges simply and efficiently.
One of its products is Scotch Filament Tape 898, has aggressive high shear adhesive for heavy duty closure, reinforcing, and banding, easy to handle, provides excellent resistance to nicks, abrasion, moisture and scuffing.

3M always provides a range of tapes for special uses. The choice of more professional electricians, Scotch Rubber Splicing Tape 23 is highly conformable, stretchy in all weather, resists UV, abrasion, corrosion, acids/alkalies and is flame retardant. Self-fusing insulating tape for low- to high-voltage electrical insulating, shelf-stable tape with excellent electrical properties.

3M Products are known for high quality. Started for over 50 years, 3M company has the stability to serve you today and tomorrow. Make the most of your time by having complete information about our products, which enables you to have ultimate results, save time and save money. Our products can serve many places such as Hotels, Companies, Houses and more.