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3M Safety and Security

3M Safety and Security provides the ultimate protection, comfort, and safety for your eyes, ears, mouth, lungs, and head to increase the safety, security, and productivity of workers, facilities, and systems around the world. Choose from the best ear protection for your workers from 3M. One of the safest welding protection items is the Speedglas Flex View Helmet with Side Window which has a light-weight respiratory system, high efficiency particulate filter and provides great protection for welders. We have 4 pages of respiratory safety products if you are looking for them. Organic Vapor Monitors from 3M meet or exceed OSHA accuracy requirements for many contaminants. The Organic Vapor Monitor uses a single charcoal sorbent wafer for collecting organic vapors.
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3M makes Safety Glasses with blue frames from its 3M Eye Protection line which offer protection from excessive glare, harmful UV-A and UV-B rays. 3M safety glasses also have excellent lenses which resist scratches.
Our Oil Absorbant Pads from 3M Spill Control Safety have dimpled pattern speeds wicking to quickly soak up oil and have the ability to retain to their shape even when completely saturated. These safety pads can be used on land or water. Also, they can absorb all hydrocarbons such as oil, gasoline, fuel oil, diesel and lubricating oils. Perforated pads save money by using only what you need.