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3M Fasteners, Clamps and Straps

One of the excellent lines of production of 3M is 3M Fasteners, Clamps, Cable Ties and Straps.
For thousands of easy closings and openings, the two sides of 3M Scotchmate Black Reclosable Fastener Hook and Loop fit together for rapid fastening, clean lines, and glossy profiles in many applications. Use again and again, press together to fasten; pull apart to separate, no adhesive, nylon hook reclosable fastener, temperature resistant to 250 Degrees. In addition, Scotchmate reclosable fasteners can be adhered to most surfaces to provide a solution as strong as you need. This product is ideally suited for outdoor and military applications.
Want a suggestion, 3M Weather Resistant Black Cable Ties!! They are used for the security of the wire bundles and harness components quickly. Slip ties easily and around cables and harnesses due to its elastic design. It has the ability to be easier to grasp, position and insert into the head because of its head that can be bend. 3M Cable Ties can be perfectly used with the most standard tensioning/cutoff tools. Have variety of sizes, colours and styles. These ties are great for datacenters, farm animal pens and more.
Get more with 3M Cable Ties Assortment. Molded from 6/6 Nylon, available in a variety of sizes, styles and colors including weather resistant black for outdoor use. Smooth edges for low insertion force, combined with a rugged locking mechanism, provides a firm hold. This product eliminates the time spent searching for the right size cable ties. Indeed, the bend of the tail makes it easier to grasp position and insert into the head. Ties can be used with most standard tensioning/cutoff tools for fast production line fastening.

3M Fasteners, Clamps and Strap are well designed to fulfill all your needs. It is as easy and simple to use, provide the best service you need.